No matter what last mile operation you run, the only constant is change

Every day you have to solve a different puzzle, balancing varying conflicting objectives

Our Last Mile Digital Platform© allows you to solve every puzzle every day with a single standard software product
It’s built so flexible that it provides an exact fit to each last mile
Configure exactly your operation. Decide how to work to produce the desired results


Direct Logistics

Customer fulfillment choices

Offer freedom of CHOICE to your customers, from time, day, means, and location.
Stop using aggregators or being locked into one transportation company.

Route optimization and planning

Reduce your operation costs.
Our optimization engines generate routes combining deliveries, pick-ups, and swaps.

Predictive control tower

The real-time information and data Customer Support and Operations teams need.
To deliver the Perfect Customer Journey.

Successful deliveries at 1st attempt

Delivery cost total reduction

Reverse Logistics

Successful pick-ups at 1st attempt

Pick-ups cost total reduction

Delight end-customers

Provide the same tracking, rescheduling tools, and real-time data for pick-ups, deliveries or swaps. At home or PUDO.
They are not different for the customer!

Drive efficiency gains

Optimize time and distance traveled to provide the perfect schedule to field personnel.
They no longer have to deal with the stress of planning.

For zero extra effort

Our Platform combines deliveries, pick-ups, and swaps.
Instantly gain greater efficiency with this functionality.

Successful pick-ups at 1st attempt

Pick-ups cost total reduction

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Points

Greater flexibility

Incorporate PUDOs in minutes to your ecosystem.
Add as final or intermediate nodes to your current network.

Step-by-step guidance

Guide delivery personnel every step along the way.
PUDO and Field App are tightly integrated so personnel have all the info they need to be fully productive.


Operate multi-carrier PUDO or consolidation platforms, out-of-the-box.
We read and manage ANY barcode in the industry.

Onboarding cost reduction

Productivity increase

Sales or Services Networks

Productivity gain

Field calls increase

Optimize Field routes

Instantly generate optimized routes that reduce time and distance traveled.
Free up time for Sales and Service Execs to focus on other higher-value activities.

Co-ordinate with Service routes

Field Sales Execs are always aware of real-time info and delivery activities through the Control Tower functionality.
All Sales Execs have optimized routes tailored to the day’s activities.

Maximize Sales/Service calls

Text, SMS, or e-mail to update customers on their fulfillment arrival time the day before.
Customers can even reschedule instantly. No more back-and-forth calls.

Productivity gain

Field calls increase