The Perfect Customer Journey

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With our Last Mile Digital Platform©

Engage Customers – Optimize Transport

All tools and technologies you need, with a single standard software product.

Keep customers, merchants, logistics, transport operations and customer support teams, informed, in real-time.
Accessible from the device and browser of choice.
So flexible that it provides exactly what is needed, when is needed.
To obtain a memorable customer experience.



Engage Customers from minute one

Satisfy customer fulfillment expectations.

Provide the most convenient mode, day, and time available for fulfillment.
More personalization with segmented services.

In real-time

Keep them in the loop

We provide businesses of any size with an easy way to offer an Amazon- or Uber-like level of customer experience, optimization and visibility into their own delivery operations.
This includes consumer-facing features like day, time and means choice, advanced delivery notifications, the ability to track a delivery on a map, re-schedule or change delivery address and more.

While you get ready

Last Mile Digital Platform© makes a tangible impact on business results and customer experience, optimizing last mile transport and customer engagement.
Optimization includes functionality for direct and reverse logistics, pick-up/drop-off points and any combination of these.
Customer engagement uses mobile-first digital tools and techniques to connect sellers, customers, field staff and anyone else involved in the last mile.

And the Field Team prepares

One App for all. Permanent, temporary or seasonal personnel
For PUDOs or home delivery.
Traffic and delivery personnel receive the exact routing sheet hours before starting. They can access their daily tasks from their smartphone.
Crowdsource field personnel from the social or sharing economy and incorporate PUDOs in minutes, at no additional cost.
Empower field personnel to always know customer needs.
Keep them updated with real-time information on their mobile App.
Now, they know every service requirement before even knock on the door.
Customers receive consistent, reliable service.

To delight Customers

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The Perfect Customer Journey

 Satisfied Customers = Loyal Customers = Repeated Sales

Increased customer conversion and satisfaction ratios.

Lower Last Mile Transport costs over 20%.
Reduce GHG emissions over 90%.

Benefits for all