Our Last Mile Digital Platform© – Guaranteed to fit your Industry

It’s built so flexible that it provides an exact fit to each industry

Configure your service types step-by-step. Greetings, a signature, scan an ID document …
Never again a delivery person will forget anything that is important to you or to your customer

With a single standard software product


All studies show: End customers want CHOICES

Customers, both private individuals and businesses, demand to choose convenient fulfillment options.
That includes physical delivery or PUDO, day and time windows, and social or collaborative delivery means.
Meet their needs and increase repeat purchases.

Provide precise windows

After purchasing, customers receive a one-hour fulfillment time windows, so they know when you’re arriving.
Delivery personnel receive corresponding route sheets to follow, and transportation companies and retailers receive detailed delivery schedules.

Sales increase

Loyalty up by

DC to Store replenishment

Transport cost reduction

Out of stock reduction

Forget milk-runs!

Don’t rely on inefficient fixed routes to replenish grocery, convenience stores, or pharmacies.
Using our Platform, you can plan twice or more times daily your replenishment options. This results in transport cost reduction, plus fewer out-of-stock shelves.
Keep your stores running efficiently and drive more sales.

Treat your internal customer

Keep your stores updated on shipping schedules in advance, all from the convenience of a smartphones.
Stores are always ready to quickly unload and organize deliveries.

Transport cost reduction

Out of stock reduction

Store to Customer

Same-day delivery

Increase your sales by offering same-day delivery to customers. Keep them updated from the minute they order to the moment they receive.
Our Platform works within your business processes as well, whether you have one store or thousands, electronics or groceries, central or local management.

Plan as needed

Handle seasonal traffic constraints by executing multiple planning runs
Our platform accounts for all existing vehicle locations and generates new routes that help you achieve the shortest service times.
Add new vehicles or drivers in just 2 minutes if you require a spot contract to cover peak days or times.

Store sales increase

Repeatability increase

Courier, Express and Parcel

Associates training time reduction

Performance level from 2nd day

Manage peaks smoothly

Expertly manage nationwide, high-volume networks. Our platform delivers a plan to execute 300.000 services in any given country in an hour and a half.
Scale to manage peaks or seasonality.
Crowdsource field personnel from the social or sharing economy and incorporate PUDOs in minutes, at no additional cost.

No Fixed or IT Costs!

No need to buy new technology, operate our Last Mile Digital Platform© from your existing computers and browser of choice.
Associates just download an App on their smartphones.
Also, only pay for what you need. We’ll invoice you on a per service basis, so you never overpay by a dime.

Associates training time reduction

Performance level from 2nd day